«GlauVit» dietary supplement

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«GlauVit» dietary supplement

«GlauVit» dietary supplement

Where to buy


Active ingredients

Ascorbic acid

100 mg

retinol acetate

15 mg

thiamine hydrochloride

1,5 mg


10 µg

ginkgo biloba

80 mg

blueberry extract

60 mg

Excipients : colloidal silicon dioxide, potato starch, calcium stearate .

Recommendations for use: this dietary supplement is an additional source of vitamins A, C, group B, and natural antioxidant — anthocyanin. "GLAUVIT" helps to improve the functional state of the eyes and metabolic processes in the eye tissues, increase visual acuity, relieve fatigue and vision stress (prolonged computer operation, driving, or reading). Regular use of the supplement can reduce the probability of age-related retinal changes. As a part of therapy aimed at preventing visual acuity decrease, has a positive effect in case of increased visual stress and at the onset of visual impairments.

The dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

Fat-soluble vitamins:

· Retinol (vitamin A) is part of the visual pigment rhodopsin, which is consumed when a light-sensitive cell (rod) is excited. The lack of rhodopsin leads to a decrease in visual functions, such as adaptation to darkness. 

Water-soluble vitamins:

· Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) strengthens the eye vascular walls.

· Thiamine (vitamin B1) is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses in the optic nerves. It also promotes the formation of the enzyme cholinesterase, the low level of which provokes decreased visual acuity, increased intraocular pressure, which is the cause of glaucoma. 

· Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) has a positive effect on the condition of the optic nerve, prevents the development of glaucoma and "eye aging". 

· Ginkgo Biloba neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals, preventing premature aging and the development of cancer, improves vision by increasing the resistance of the retina to various injuries.  

· Blueberry anthocyanins can accumulate in the eye tissues, especially in the retina. They contribute to the restoration of light-sensitive retinal pigment — rhodopsin — and improve retinal trophism, strengthen retinal capillaries. Also, increase the sensitivity of the retina to different levels of light radiation and visual acuity. 

Nutritional value for the recommended daily dose:

Proteins — 0.1 g, fats — 0 g, carbohydrates — 19.8 g.

Energy value (caloric content) of 100 g of product: 79.6 Kcal.

Recommended for use: for adults and children over 14 years of age, 1 capsule once a day with meals. The capsule should be swallowed.

Intake for 14 days, then the period of use should be determined by the doctor. Consult a doctor before intake.

Contraindications: individual sensitivity to the components, children under 14 years, pregnancy, lactation.

Storage conditions and shelf life: store in the manufacturer's packaging at a temperature of 1 °C to 25 °C and relative humidity not exceeding 75%. Shelf life — 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Keep out of children's reach.

Packaging: capsules of 425 mg, 12 pieces in blisters, 3 blisters in a cardboard box.

The end date of "USE TO" or date of production and expiration date, batch number (series) are indicated on the package.